When your bank says "no," Deco says "yes."
We know you're good for it. Here's how it works.

How do I use Deco?

Deco is easy to use. Simply choose the Deco option at checkout. We’ll complete that purchase so you can receive your order right away. That’s it.

Why can I only use Deco with some merchants?

Not all merchants have partnered with Deco. If the merchant works with Deco, and you’re approved, you’ll see the option at checkout.

Does Deco charge me interest or fees?

Deco doesn't charge any interest or processing fees. Late fees may apply to payments received more than two weeks from the purchase date.

What methods of payment can I use?

Payments to Deco may be made via direct debit, wire transfer or ACH transfer.

When is payment due to Deco?

You have two weeks from the date of purchase to complete payment with Deco.

Do I have to pre-apply?

Nope! Deco’s vast experience in eCommerce allows us to recognize good customers without further input. If you’re given the option to use Deco at checkout, then you’re already approved.

Does Deco charge fees for late payments?

Yes. If payment isn't received within two weeks of the purchase date, a late fee of $7 will be applied. If payment still hasn't been received three weeks from the purchase date, another $7 fee will be applied, and a final $7 fee will be applied four weeks after the purchase date. Fees are capped at $21.